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Preschool Discovery

Preschooler and mom

Preschool Discovery for 3‑Year‑Olds is a nine‑month program that focuses on the transition to preschool for both parent and child. It combines an ECFE class with a preschool experience.

  • Children attend both Monday and Wednesday.
  • Parents attend every Monday with their child.
  • Children experience a preschool program led by a licensed early childhood teacher.
  • On Mondays, parents attend preschool with their child and meet with a licensed parent educator for a portion of the class to discuss topics such as self‑esteem, discipline, and development.

Preschool Discovery is open to children who are three years old by September 1, 2020. Tuition is $135 per month; tuition assistance and scholarships are available for families with identified needs. This class runs through May 2021 and is in-person both days.

Preschool Discovery Sibling Care is available on site for children 9 weeks of age through prekindergarten on Mondays only for families attending Preschool Discovery with another child. Space is limited. Tuition is $45 per month, per child, and scholarships are not available for this service. The fee is nonrefundable if a child is absent.

Call 952-388-1977 with questions. Or REGISTER HERE.